Vue 3 screencasts review (is it worth it?)

I love learning about Vue, but I find most Vue tutorials are aimed at introducing the basics of Vue as opposed to looking in depth at Vue.

I found Lachlan Miller's on Twitter one day and checked it out.

I've only paid for the $19.99 for screencasts, which tend to be more technical I think than his introduction to Vue 3 course.

The screencasts are great. 100% worth $19.99 for life time access. He goes in depth about several topics (see his list of Vue 3 screencasts here).

He goes over things in just the right amount of detail. My one complaint is that the video player on his site does not allow watching at faster speeds.

Definitely recommended. The only reason I've rated it only an 8 is due to the limited number of videos he has.

Score: 8 / 10