How to find the intersection (same values) from two arrays?

October 26, 2018

If you have two (or more) arrays with various values, how do you find the values from the 1st array that are also in the 2nd (and others) array? Use the intersect functions.

PHP has a nice collection of array functions - one of which is array_intersect. You can use it to solve this problem.

       $array1 = ['apple','banana','grape','orange'];
$array2 = ['cake', 'apple', 'toast', ];
$vals_in_both_arrays =  array_intersect($array1,$array2);

Which outputs an array with the single item in both arrays: ['apple'].

What if you need to compare the keys and values?

Then use array_intersect_assoc() which will compare both keys and values.

 $array1 = ["aa" => "a",
                    "bb" => "b",
                    "cc" => "c",
                    "dd" => "d"
        $array2 = [
            "dd" =>"d", // same as above
            "foo" => "bar",
            "bb" => "not_b",
            "cc" => "c", //same as above
            "aa" => "not_a",
        $same = (array_intersect_assoc($array1,$array2));
array:2 [

"cc" => "c"

"dd" => "d"


If you just want to compare the keys, then use array_intersect_keys().