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This site started as a small side project, to write up some programming/webdev notes and instructions.

There aren't any ads on this site, I'm not trying to push any products etc.

I'm a 29 year old guy from UK. I've always loved programming, and have been doing it full time (and running/managing websites) for over a decade.

I focus on PHP (especially Laravel, but a bit of Lumen, Symfony and some CodeIgniter (years ago)), JS (frontend, only played with Node a bit), Vue, etc.

How to contact me

Please see the contact page

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Welcome to my site about web dev! You can find articles and tricks related to webdev - but focusing on PHP and Laravel.

All posts/pages are hand written by me. If you spot an error please get in touch :)

If you are looking to hire someone (for a big project, work, or to fix a small problem) get in touch :). I'm based in Europe, but from London originally. Contact