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Hello and welcome to my web dev blog/site.
I am a full time php/js developer (mostly focusing on Laravel), based in London, UK.

Check out my web development blog, my PHP/Laravel packages or find out more about me.

(The bearded man image on the right does not resemble my facial hair ;))

Who runs this website?

I'm a 29 year old guy from UK, who has been a web developer (mostly with PHP) for the last 12+ years.

What is Web Dev Etc?

This is my blog and site where I post things about various web development topics. It mostly covers PHP, but also things such as Vim, Javascript, Node, and more.

How to get in touch?

Please use my contact form to get in touch. You can also find me on Twitter: @web_dev_etc.

Recent Blog Posts

Array Destructuring: The Useful PHP 7 Feature You (maybe) Aren't Using
Array Destructuring is a new feature from PHP 7.1 that can make code cleaner and a bit quicker to write. However it doesn't seem to be commonly used. Here is a guide on how to use it.
Linux Command Cheatsheet: Disk usage and filesize cheatsheet
Show disk usage, file sizes, how large (in bytes) each directory is, etc.
Laravel Naming Conventions
How to name your methods, variables, classes and more in Laravel
How to add a gradient overlay to a background image using just CSS and HTML
Adding a background image to a <div> (or any other tag) is easy using CSS. Use these example rules to get a nice gradient that goes over the top of a background image, without adding any additional divs. All in CSS.
How to use clip-path in CSS (with examples)
An easy to follow tutorial for the clip-path css rule.
PHP Observer Design Pattern Explained (Easy to understand)
The Observer design pattern is very common, and luckily is a very easy concept to understand. Here it is explained!
The 5 Principes of SOLID, easily explained using PHP
An explanation of the S.O.L.I.D. principles, and how to use them in your PHP scripts.
Why You Should Never Host Your Own Videos, And What 3rd Party Video Hosting Services Are The Best To Use
A quick intro into why you shouldn't be self hosting videos on your web server, and some suggestions for what services to use
The Composite Design Pattern Explained (with PHP)
A simple to understand description of the Composite design pattern, using PHP.

I mostly work with :

PHP web development
Javascript web development
Laravel web development
HTML / Web Development
CSS Development
Vue.js Development
These are what I'm currently mostly using, as of August 2018. I also have worked with other tech stacks in the past, including CodeIgniter (years ago now!), Symfony, React, Memcached, MySQL/MariaDB, WordPress (themes, plugins), etc.

My Laravel Packages:

I've open sourced a few bits of code, most of which were originally from web apps. You can find the links to their Github repos on their documentation pages.

They include: BlogEtc (add a full blog to any existing Laravel web app, highly customisable but with an easy and quick install), ContactEtc (add contact forms/emailing forms to any Laravel site), LaravelUniqueIdEtc (generate unique IDs for your Eloquent models), and more.

See my Laravel Packages