Welcome to webdevetc

Welcome to webdevetc

This site started as a small side project, to write up some programming/webdev notes and instructions.

I've worked with and ran websites for well over a decade. This is a small site where I write up some coding/programming/webdev stuff.

About me

I've always loved programming ever since I found BASIC when I around 9 or 10 years old. I've been working professionally with PHP (and other languages, including JS) since around age 17 (29 now).

I mostly focus on PHP (especially Laravel) but work with other related technologies such as JS, MySQL (MariaDB), etc.

Laravel Packages

Maybe you are here for some Laravel packages of mine? Find them in my Laravel Packages section

How to contact me

Please see my contact page

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Welcome to my site about web dev! You can find articles and tricks related to webdev - but focusing on PHP and Laravel.

All posts/pages are hand written by me. If you spot an error please get in touch :)

If you are looking to hire someone (for a big project, work, or to fix a small problem) get in touch :). I'm based in Europe, but from London originally. Contact