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Welcome to webdevetc. This is my small site where I post some (mostly) software development related content.

Including Laravel features you may not be aware of or Vue Test Utils features you may not know yet.

Older random posts:

Array Destructuring: The Useful PHP 7 Feature You (maybe) Aren't Using
Array Destructuring is a new feature from PHP 7.1 that can make code cleaner and a bit quicker to write. However it doesn't seem to be commonly used. Here is a guide on how to use it.
Linux Command Cheatsheet: Disk usage and filesize cheatsheet
Show disk usage, file sizes, how large (in bytes) each directory is, etc.
Laravel Naming Conventions
How to name your methods, variables, classes and more in Laravel
How to add a gradient overlay to a background image using just CSS and HTML
Adding a background image to a <div> (or any other tag) is easy using CSS. Use these example rules to get a nice gradient that goes over the top of a background image, without adding any additional divs. All in CSS.
How to use clip-path in CSS (with examples)
An easy to follow tutorial for the clip-path css rule.
PHP Observer Design Pattern Explained (Easy to understand)
The Observer design pattern is very common, and luckily is a very easy concept to understand. Here it is explained!
The 5 Principes of SOLID, easily explained using PHP
An explanation of the S.O.L.I.D. principles, and how to use them in your PHP scripts.
The Composite Design Pattern Explained (with PHP)
A simple to understand description of the Composite design pattern, using PHP.
Beginners Guide to Tabs in Vim
A simple and easy to understand guide to using tabs in Vim.