My Laravel Packages

My Laravel Packages

Here is a list of my Laravel packages, and also small snippets of code relating to Laravel.

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BlogEtc - add a blog to your Laravel app in one simple package (including an admin panel backend)

A full package to drop into your website and allow you to add a blog (with comments) to your Laravel app

Also includes a backend, to add new blog posts and manage comments.

This is intended as a package you can just install with composer and get a blog up and working.

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ContactEtc - Contact Form for your Laravel App

A fully customisable contact form package for Laravel. Install it within a couple of minutes and have a fully working contact form on your site.

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WillBeDownEtc - Notify your users that you are expecting to have some downtime soon

I wrote this a few years ago for a SaaS site that I was working on. Users might have been working on something (saving data, writing messages, etc), so they needed to be warned something like "In 15 minutes we will have downtime". This handles all of that.

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Welcome to my site about web dev! You can find articles and tricks related to webdev - but focusing on PHP and Laravel.

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